Why everyone needs to join Gymboree

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When I first clapped eyes on Gymboree I have to admit, I actually squealed with delight.  Yeah, a huge room of squidgyness where I can just run wild!

Imagine an hour where your little person can just run….. run, climb, jump, slide, and did I mention run?!  And yet learning all the time.  An hour at Gymboree means I’m zapped and sleeping like… well like a baby by 6.30pm!

It is THE best gym for little’s that keeps us safe yet allows us to explore our surroundings and our new found freedom.  Catering from tiny babies up to five years, each class is cleverly designed to encourage and develop your own little person.

The best bit…. the music and singing.  My fav has to be the airlog and of course the parachute.  Oh and did I mention we have bubbles?!  I am constantly learning to share and take turns, making new friends all the time.  This week we learnt all about up and down and next week is push and pull.

I love Gymboree so much so that if the Moma drives past it and fails to turn in, I will guarantee a meltdown.  And who wants an avoidable meltdown?  Life is far too short, so book your free trial and become a fan just like us!

Mommy says….. Baby About Town has grown in confidence three fold since he joined Gymboree and he never fails to amaze me each week as to what he has mastered and added to his ever growing skill-set.  The ladies there are so fabulous and enthusiastic, they love each and every child in there it seems and I am so glad we discovered Gymboree.

The Need to Know….. A monthly membership is paid that covers your weekly class plus as many free play sessions as you wish.  The little person is the member meaning either parent or guardian can take them!  They have a range of classes for various age ranges so the classes are always geared to your little person’s ever changing development.

Ooh what about?…..

Under 2’s go free?  No, all children are subject to a membership fee
Parking:  Yes, located at the rear of Notcutts, so plenty!
Café/Restaurant:  We love a coffee and cake following a gymbo session in the café.  Yummy
Baby Changing Facilities:  Yes Gymboree have baby changing facilities
Loyalty Scheme?:  No
Website:  www.gymboree-uk.com

We follow Gymboree Solihull’s Facebook too to keep us in the loop!

Baby About Town Rating:  10/10

(photo credit: Jessica Pledger)


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